Update on my being MIA

I’ve had a pretty crazy few weeks. I’m hoping to get everything to settle down over the next week or so - then I can make progress on writing and maybe be on here a bit more often.

Huckleberry Biscuit discovers the outside.

I bought a car today. It was traumatic but I love the car.

Sleepy boy

Sleepy boy



How are you doing? Very happy to come home and see new pictures of Ivy and Biscuit. I miss their little cute faces. :)

I’m answering this publicly due to my huge lack of tumblr presence recently other that cute cat pics! Things are good, just insanely busy as I’m in my last term of grad school and I’m planning a cross-country move in a few months. Between work, class, my capstone project (thesis), and planning my move I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. This week I’m taking steps to get things back under control. Hopefully if I get what I need to done then I can make more time for taking kitty pics and writing fanfic again. :) Honestly I can’t complain I have very good problems right now.

I just wanted to stop by and say i LOVED "Sometimes You Get What You Need" -- i just read the whole thing and it was so wonderful. You've Got Mail is one of my favorite movies and I loved that they were in the Firefly Fandom together!! Great job :)

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed writing that fic. There is nothing like combining two favorite fandoms.


I do this several times a day